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The Apple Watch 3 Teardown

Although in terms of design the third generation of Apple Watch is not much different from the second, the characteristics of the new version is much superior to its predecessor. Visually, it is able to demonstrate iFixit his famous method: they just have a new watch with LTE-compatible and take them apart to screw. 

The Apple Watch 3 Teardown

Overall, Apple has done an excellent job in order to fit in, in fact, the same body LTE modem, the new antennas, electronic SIM-card, a pair of sensors and a battery with a higher capacity. However, after the analysis revealed a number of changes, which Apple itself about the announcement did not say anything.

If you are interested in the model number of the device, then it is printed next to the "secret" port for diagnostics in the bottom of the clock: A1889.
Apple Watch 3 the insides

The following interesting fact: in order to free up some space, Apple engineers have removed one of the display controllers. It is not known how it was possible to get the screen to work without it. And if he did not initially need, then why it was installed in the first and second audit? Anyway, now for the display was just one controller and one NFC-sensor. On the main board, iFixit discovered a new chip ST Microelectronics ST33G1M2 and suggested that he is responsible for the e-SIM-card. Nearby are a couple of chips required for operation of LTE, Wi-Fi module and, of course, the new S3 processor. According to Apple, it runs 70% faster than the S2, which will use the second generation of "apple" smart hours.

Apple also got rid of a small vent that previously was located next to the microphone to make room for the altimeter. This sensor is used for measuring the lifting height. The vent hole is now located near the port for diagnostics.
Apple Watch 3 the insides 2

Despite all the new sensors, the engineers were able to put the battery into the casing at 279 mAh. This is 4% higher than in the previous generation and 32% more in comparison with the original Apple Watch. The manufacturer promises that the new model will work up to 18 hours without recharging. But this only applies to Wi-Fi model. Total hours of talk time on LTE will be enough to defuse the device completely.
Apple Watch 3 Parts

As far as maintainability, it is all surprisingly well. iFixit set Watch Series 3 rating of 6 scores of 10, with 10 indicating the easiest repair. Experts note that the strap is very comfortable and easy it is to replace, and the same applies to the internal components. The difficulty is only in order to overcome the cover and gain access to the "internal" clock.

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