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How to find duplicate songs in iTunes 12

How to find duplicate songs in iTunes 12
ITunes has an easy way to find duplicate songs in your library. If you notice that some songs in iTunes you play twice, the problem is easy to solve.
Songs in the library are often copied and repeated twice, especially over time. If you import music from iTunes from discs, download songs from the Internet, buy them in iTunes, Amazon and elsewhere, then after a while your songs will start to repeat exactly.
ITunes has long been a feature that allows you to find duplicate songs, but in the version of iTunes 12.0 and newer it was moved, which led to the stupor of many users. Below, we'll tell you where to find it.

How to find duplicate songs in iTunes 12

  1. Open the program
  2. Go to your Mediathek.
  3. Go to File> Media Library.
  4. Then select Show duplicates.
  5. iTunes shows you a list of duplicate songs whose duplicates can be deleted. 

How to distinguish a duplicate from a track with a similar name?

The songs in the list of duplicates may not be repeating, but simply have the same name. Sometimes the program takes as a duplicate two different versions of the song, like remixes.
To distinguish a duplicate from a similar track will help the column with the duration of the songs. If the tracks are the same length, then most likely they are duplicates. The name of the album can also help. It's best to just listen to the songs to find out exactly which ones you can delete.
It is also worth noting that voice records with standard names will be marked as duplicates, even if they are not.

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