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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Emmanuel Akor

Bugs found in iOS 11

iOS 11 contains many new features and improvements. These include customizable item management, multi-tasking features on the iPad, the new application files, ARKit technology, etc.

However, as with any large system update, iOS 11 contains bugs. Below is a list of minor bugs that have been discovered by this time.

Errors 3D Touch

Some users have reported that the 3D Touch does not work on older models like the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Solution:  Restart the device, and perhaps this will help.

Errors button Home

Some write that they have there is an error when closing the Home button application.

Solution:  Wait at least 24 hours until the unit comes into operation after the installation of all updates.

Mediatheque iCloud

Khamosh wrote:  After I make a screenshot, it is loaded into iCloud, and the version of the full resolution removed. So I have to re-download it for about 5 minutes, which is very inconvenient and time-consuming. I even had to disable the iCloud the music library on your iPad.

Solution:  Try to free up more memory.

Changing the color of the status bar

Khamosh writes:  Sometimes on the iPad is changing the color of the status bar.

Solution:  Try to restart the device.

Problems with the iOS interface 11

If you do a lot of attention to detail, read the post, which discussed in detail about all the interface problems /

Not sent email through the and the ExchangeMail Address

It seems that the users can not send e-mails through and Exchange Mail. Apple is aware of this issue and is working with Microsoft on its decision. However, the problem will be corrected only with the next update.

Could not install iOS 11? Here’s what you can do

Battery Problems on iOS 11


Wi-Fi access and Bluetooth are not disabled through the control point

Many have reported that disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the control room, they are not turned off completely, and they have to be turned off in the settings, which takes a lot of time.

Apple has confirmed that it should be. When you disable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi at a control point, the device is disconnected from the Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth accessories, but it continues to work with AirDrop, AirPlay, Apple Pencil, Apple Watch, etc.
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Emmanuel Akor

You can now download up to 150MB from the App Store via mobile internet

Apple increased its conservative limit to download applications via the mobile Internet by 50%, and now it is 150 megabytes.

The company appealed to the developers with the following words:
We raised the limit to download through the mobile Internet with 100MB to 150MB, allowing users to download more apps from the App Store via the mobile network.

Now users will be able to download and more applications via the mobile Internet. If the application or update weighs less than 150MB, you can safely download it without any error messages.

Could not install iOS 11? Here’s what you can do

To download an application that requires more 150MB, you will need to connect to Wi-Fi.

The company's decision is especially useful for developers creating powerful games for the Retina display, especially when the iPhone X presented a screen with an even higher resolution.

The last time Apple has raised the limit a few years ago with 50MB up to a hundred, it was more with the release of iOS 7. When the App Store was presented in the summer of 2008, the limit was only 10MB.
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Emmanuel Akor

iPhone 8 and iPhone X will support wireless non-contact charging

On the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X (finally) added support for inductive charging, but Apple did not even mention the greatest potential of this feature.

Until then, wireless charging looked standard: you put the charger in the socket, and then put it on top of your phone. You do not connect the phone itself, but it should still be in physical contact with the charge. However, the future of wireless charging has many changes. For years, at the center of all research is the task of creating a technology that can charge smartphones, even if they just lay on the table next to the device.

Wireless long-range contactless charging will soon appear, and iPhone 8 with iPhone X will support it. A company called Pi is already working on a demo version of the device that can charge the phone without physical contact.

They say that the charging power will be 10 watts, like a wired one, and it will be able to charge four devices at the same time. Many devices will need special cases to support the function, but new models will support it, too.

Pi is a work of art in advanced technologies. Our platform can change the angle and magnetic field to perfectly match your smartphone. No more charging stands. Our technology will be able to charge four phones at the same time at full speed and even more devices, but already slower. Devices will be charged even in motion. And all this is absolutely safe. "

But there are several important nuances. The range of the device is only 30 cm, so it will be difficult to use the phone while charging. In addition, the price of the device is still unknown, and the company says that it will not exceed $ 200. The date of release of the device is also not installed.

In any case, it's good to know that the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X will support this feature. It will be interesting to see how it will benefit other companies.
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Emmanuel Akor

Reviews of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus : a familiar design with new features

Earlier this month, Apple presented the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Pre-orders started at the end of last week, and in stores, phones will appear on September 22.

Just before the release of new models began to appear reviews about them. In general, all come to the conclusion that Apple has released another update line that will become obsolete in a year, but it will suit those who are already tired of their iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Or for those who are interested in an improved camera and a glass case with wireless charging support.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have a design first introduced with the iPhone 6, so these models do not have a futuristic frameless screen, like on the iPhone X.

A selection of reviews about the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus from different editions


"The fact is that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are very good impressive phones, but they are not the best even among Apple phonesiPhone represents the company's vision of the future, as well as the vision of SamsungEssentialHuawei and all the rest. In this future, there are no frames, and the cameras are so advanced that they can change the whole essence of smartphones. iPhone 8 contains everything you need a smartphone, but it is perceived as the completion of something before Apple and others are going to start something new. When your phone sees you and the world around, it changes what the phone is, what it can do and what it can become. This fall, Apple gives you a choice: fly a business class at the best places or economy.

If you want a good phone, iPhone 8 is right for you. I would recommend 8 Plus if you are not against large sizes because the improved camera and battery are very nice bonuses. Both models are fantastic. However, if you want to be part of the future, save your money and wait for the iPhone to come out. "

The Verge

 "After spending a week with the iPhone 8, I did not find any reason to buy it if you have an iPhone 7. The seventh is still very fast and looks just like the new model, only weighs less. Also, with the update of iOS11, it will receive almost all the features that are in the eighth. If you want to use wireless charging, then you can just buy a $ 15 bag that supports it. And if you are enthusiastic about the portrait light mode, it can be replaced by tons of applications in the App Store. Of course, if you have a model older than the iPhone 7, improving the camera and working in general may surprise you.

And still, many people will still buy an iPhone 8 - a phone that will work if your old one breaks down or starts to work worse. This is the base Apple phone, and for the base one, it's pretty good. But he has no place in the future. This is just a basic option.

It's the iPhone"



"Your pocket camera will get better. Once again. Apple always paid much attention to the quality of the camera, and the iPhone Plus was no exception. A new dual 12MP camera that can take pictures with stunning colors and details, as before, contains a wide-angle and telephoto lens. The iPhone Plus is a very serious camera.

I went to travel to San Francisco to capture a combination of urban architecture, landscapes, and natural beauty, and at the same time to test a new camera.

I sailed off the coast of San Francisco, fished in Ocean Beach, cycled along the island of Angel and walked on Chinatown. After 2,000 photos, I experienced all the possibilities of the new camera. I'm impressed. "

Business Insider


"New models of the iPhone 8 are considered expensive phones. But let this fantastic smartphone, they do not catch up with the iPhone the X.

I advise you to ask yourself how much money you are willing to spend. If you are willing to sacrifice some futuristic features of the iPhone X, then take the iPhone 8 and get the same powerful and high-quality work, only a couple of hundred dollars cheaper.



"When I first picked up the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, I immediately thought that they should be called the iPhone 7and Plus. I was wrong. They contained much more, but they just kept the old design. If you judge by filling, 8 and 8 Plus contain a significant improvement. They have more memory, better cameras, an improved system, and their work as usual at altitude. iPhone will continue to draw attention to itself, and in one I'm sure for sure: they are not as stylish as X, but 8 and 8 Plus are great phones that will not let you down. "

The Wall Street Journal

"The glass case can remind you of the iPhone 4 - one of the most legendary designs of Apple. But this is not enough. The reflective surface of the iPhone 7 made it pleasant to the touch - like pebbles polished with ocean waves. On the iPhone 8, there are joints of glass and aluminum frames, and they spoil the whole impression.It's impossible to deny that the phone looks obsolete compared to the bent glass like on the Samsung Galaxy 8, the screen of which goes beyond all limits. "

How to prepare your iPhone or iPad for iOS 11 release

Daring Fireball

"The new model - a decent annual update, they are at least as best iPhone 7 as he was better than iPhone 6, the S. If they did not present the iPhone with them, we would be impressed much more. They have a lot of good and nothing bad.

But the iPhone X was presented with them, and it attracted all the attention. To pretend that this is not so, there is no point.

However, the iPhone 8 should not be compared with the iPhone X, but the iPhone 7. iPhone has something to offer: a 5.8-inch OLED display, a convenient size, a Face ID and a front camera that recognizes the depth of the image. An improved main camera (with optical image stabilization at both lenses). But the A11 processor, inductive charging, and True Tone are also on the models of the iPhone 8.

Not bad for a boring yearly update. "



iPhone 8 is a simple and customary version of this year. It has almost all the functions of the iPhone X, not counting the TrueDepth camera and the OLED display. However, the appearance almost did not change. If you are accustomed to buying the best phone of each year, then you should wait for the iPhone the X.However, not counting the notch on display, in which the new camera and various sensors are hidden, the rest of the main updates you will find on the iPhone 8.

I thought a lot and believed that the iPhone could be called a super-version of the iPhone line. Now the iPhone 8 is still one of the best smartphones, especially when it comes to the camera.

iPhone has long been the most popular camera in the world, and there are reasons for this. It is because of the camera people are buying new models. Every year there are changes in the design with the system, but the camera dwarfs them. This year Apple impressed everyone with the portrait light mode, because of which I recommend buying 8 Plus. "

Many agreed that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are powerful smartphones with excellent cameras, and some believe that they are not worth buying if you have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. Most also believe that it's better to wait for the iPhone X to come out if you like more advanced technologies and its frameless design.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Emmanuel Akor

Gmail has learned to turn numbers and addresses into links

The next time you email it, you do not have to copy it and manually insert it into the Google Maps search bar: just click on it to see where it is. The fact is that the search giant finally released the long-awaited update for Gmail and Inbox applications. The update "taught" them to turn addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses into hyperlinks.

So, clicking on the email address, you immediately throw in the default email application with the proposal to write a letter to this addressee. One click on the phone number - and now you are already calling. You no longer need all this routine with copying the number and adding a new contact: one tap and you are on the wire.

How to take screenshots on iPhone X

It does not matter whether you're using Gmail or Inbox on an iOS or Android device. Moreover, it will work even from the desktop. Of course, it will not work, but to find the address on the map or go to the creation of an e-mail - easily. We tested the new function and it worked, but if it did not happen to you, do not worry. According to Google technical support, the introduction of hyperlinks can take up to three days, so just have patience.
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Emmanuel Akor

Application updates to support new iOS features 11

iOS only 11 will be released publicly on September 19, but now began to appear upgrade applications that support the new system function. So far, the number of used functions included augmented reality and Drag and Drop.

September 12 after Apple released the conference for iOS developers 11, watchOS 4, tvOS 11 and macOS High Sierra, so that they had time to prepare to update their applications.

One of the main functions of iOS 11 - Augmented reality ARKit, and in the future more and more applications will use. Some, of course, are more useful than others. And some applications will add little minor features to simply test the technology.

At the moment, Drag and Drop feature added to the app Bear, support for augmented reality in Carrot to Weather, and the application One Drop Now visualize data about your activity.


The Lite PCCalc added an interactive mode, which looks more like a demo technology demonstration than a useful feature. You can throw icons PCCalc bananas throughout the room. In addition, you can add lighting, adjust the form and view model objects.

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Carrot Weather also uses augmented reality. Now you can view the application in 3D, change modes, be running across the screen left and right, etc. If you note in the "eye" on the screen, he starts yelling at you, and if you podnesote phone too close, he will ask to respect his private space. The perfect application with the weather, certainly, was even better.

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The following are the applications updated for iOS 11.
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Monday, September 18, 2017

Emmanuel Akor

Carriers Fusion Drive in High Sierra does not support APFS

The first beta macOS High Sierra for the iMac Apple has introduced support for his new APFS file system for media Fusion Drive.

However, it disappeared in subsequent builds that although the future is possible to return to support APFS Fusion Drive, in the final version macOS High-Sierra it is not. The company has confirmed it.

RTM-version macOS High Sierra was released earlier this month, and its public release is expected on Monday, September 25th. Apple has posted instructions in advance to help the owners of iMac APFS convert back to HFS + format. It can hardly be called simple: during the rollback, users have to create a restore point, record media, and then format the drive and reinstall the High Sierra.

It is curious that according to APFS instructions will not be supported "in the initial release macOS High Sierra». Perhaps in the future, this will change - but when and whether the change is unknown.

Instructions for returning to HFS + can be found here .
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Emmanuel Akor

iPhone X and iPhone 8 will support FLAC audio, like the iPhone 7 with iOS 11

On the new iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus there is a codec that supports FLAC audio - a format for compressing audio data without loss. Owners of iPhone 7 will also be able to enjoy FLAC audio format when they update their devices to iOS 11.

Support for FLAC will be added to the latest iPhone models

Thanks to the codec (Free Lossless Audio Codec) FLAC audio sounds in the same good quality, in which it was recorded initially. The format compresses digital audio data without any loss. It can compress the file by 50-60%, and thus the sound quality will not get worse.

HomePod will not support FLAC, but in the future, Apple can add this feature with the system update. Analyst Dan Matt was the first to announce that the new models will support FLAC and that playing sounds in this format will not consume a lot of battery power.

In summer it became known that FLAC support will be added to some devices with the iOS 11 update, and now we know a little more about it. In the Audio section in the specifications of the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X appeared the point FLAC. Below you can see it on the screenshot.

iPhone FLAC support web

However, there is no support for FLAC in the technical characteristics of the iPad Pro.

In addition, the technical characteristics of the new models do not specify the formats AIFF and WAV, but, most likely, they are now included in the Linear PCM codec.

What about the iPad?

The fact that there will not be any FLAC support on the new iPad Pro is very interesting because they work on the same processor as the iPhone 7. Most likely, Apple decided not to add support for the format to devices that do not have a built-in decoder to save the duration charge the battery.

Decoding FLAC format consumes a lot of energy, and if they are dealt with by one system, the process will be too energy-intensive.

iOS 11 Files app playing FLAC audio iPhone

Audio in FLAC format could be played even on iPhone 6s with a beta version of iOS 11. But on iOS 11 GM iPhone 6s no longer plays sounds in this format, unlike iPhone 7. Apple has removed the system support for FLAC from older models.

While it is not clear what the system requirements for FLAC playback will be.

System requirements for FLAC

We can conclude that the FLAC codec requires the presence of the A10 processor and newer. In the future, more will be known about this. But why FLAC support will not be added to the latest iPad Pro? After all, they work on the A10 Fusion processor, which has even more cores than the iPhone 7. Perhaps the company will first add support for new phone models, and later it will reach the iPad Pro.

FLAC format will be inconvenient on iOS 11

For fans of good sounding, this news will seem good in any case.

But on iOS 11 audio in FLAC format will not be very convenient, because the only way to play it will be the Files application (or third-party applications like Vox or Plex).

If you use iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or other storage, you will be able to play FLAC audio directly in the Files application.

Unfortunately, Music on iOS 11 will not be able to play FLAC files.

iOS 11 AirDrop FLAC file iPhone

Perhaps in the future, Apple will expand the ability to play FLAC. For example, the company could add support for FLAC audio files of studio quality (16 and 24 bits) to the Music application and iTunes on the computer so we can synchronize these files on all of our devices.

So far, Apple does not sell FLAC music in the iTunes Store. On iOS and iTunes added support for their own codec Apple ALAC, but it was not popular among users.

Note that playing FLAC audio in Bluetooth headphones, AirPods or via AirPlay will still lose sound quality due to the transmission of audio AAC. To fully enjoy the music in FLAC format, it is best to use high-quality wired headphones.


In the postscript, to the update of iOS 11 about FLAC nothing is said, but usually, the company does not attach much importance to small details, so it does not mean anything.

In addition to supporting FLAC on iOS 11, you should not even doubt it. According to the video report from the conference, developers of 2017, on iOS 11 will be added two new popular audio formats - FLAC and Opus.

"As for FLAC, we will add support for codec, files, and playback," the video says. "For Opus, we will add codec and support for files."

macOS High Sierra supports FLAC audio format via third-party media players, which include VLC Media Player, WALTR and others.

iOS 11 will be released on Tuesday 19 September.
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Emmanuel Akor

Early pre-orders for iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K have already begun shipping

In stores iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K will appear on September 22, and their pre-orders, made on September 15, have already begun to transport customers.

Apple has updated the status of most of the orders for "ready to ship" on Friday. Although the main page of the company still shows the same message, the track numbers of some orders indicate that they are already on the road. Most of the iPhone 8 is shipped from Pennsylvania, and Apple Watch and Apple TV 4K are from China.

Most likely, Apple will update the order status of those who managed to make them first.

Early pre-orders for iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K have already begun shipping

If you do not have time to pre-order the iPhone 8 or Apple Watch, on the day of the release of the devices you can buy them in Apple stores. Unlike previous years, this time new phones are quite enough, so the delivery will take no more than two weeks.
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