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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Emmanuel Akor

Best jailbreak tweaks # 9: AppColorBadges, tweakCompatible and others

In the field of jailbreaking, news continues to appear. H3lix and LiberiOS tools were released, and Saurik confirmed that it will update Cydia for iOS 11. It seems that we are still waiting for another season of activity from hackers and developers.

And today we make you happy with the next selection with all the jailbreak tweaks released last week. As usual, we start with the very best.

Top tweaks of the week


AppColorBadges is a new free tweak that paints icons with the number of notifications on application icons in their color. For example, icons with numbers on the Twitter icon turn blue, and on Messages - green.

With this tweak, your interface will look better than the standard one with red icons. However, note that in this way the icons will merge with the icons, and they can be difficult to notice.


Given the sheer number of tweaks in Cydia, it's not always easy to determine which ones are compatible with your version of iOS.

tweakCompatible will help you with this problem. It allows you to check if any jailbreak-tweak in Cydia is compatible with your device.

Users can also mark tweaks as working and non-working, to help replenish the database for others.

Other Tweaks
FitnessClearScrolling: Makes the application interface Health "more transparent" when scrolling (CydiaGeek repository).

Hid 3 x: Hides the application of a semi-tied jailbreak on the home screen when it is not needed (BigBoss repository)

MyTextNotifications: Allows you to configure the header over notifications (BigBoss repository)

WeChatRedEnvelopesHelper:  Addition to the WeChat application (BigBoss repository)

This is all tweaks of last week, but we will definitely keep you informed of developments and a week later we will tell you about new ones. In the meantime, you can add more third-party Cydia repositories.
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