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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Emmanuel Akor

How to fix an infinite respring after the installation of jailbreak Electra for iOS 11

How to fix an infinite respring after the installation of jailbreak Electra for iOS 11
Jailbreak Electra is currently the best tool for iOS 11, but it also has its own problems.
One of the most unpleasant is endless respring. Typically, this problem occurs after installing something that is incompatible with the firmware of the device. Fortunately, it's pretty simple to solve.
Step 1: First, reboot your device.
Step 2: Now run the Electra application and make sure that the switch next to " Tweaks " is off. 
Step 3: Click the Jailbreak button.
Step 4: Now you need to open an application or program that allows you to access the file system of the device. As an example, you can use WinSCP for Windows or Cyberduck for Mac.
Step 5: After accessing the file system, delete the tweak that causes the problem. Usually, this is the last installed tweak, after which an endless respring began. After uninstalling, restart the device and open the Electra application again.
Step 6: Turn on the switch next to "Tweaks" and press the Jailbreak button again.
Step 7: Jailbreak should be activated again and work without problems until you again install a problem tweak.
Remember that it's always important to learn the tweaks that you install, as they may be incompatible with the version of your firmware. After installing incompatible tweaks, serious problems can begin that will not be so easy to solve. Stay attentive. A list of tweaks compatible with Electra jailbreak, you can find here.
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Emmanuel Akor

What should I do if Cydia does not appear after installing the Electra jailbreak?

What should I do if Cydia does not appear after installing the Electra jailbreak?
If you installed an Electra 1.0.2 jailbreak on your device, but the Cydia application did not appear, do not worry - you are not alone. Below we will talk about how to solve this problem.
The process consists in removing the jailbreak from the device, and then reinstalling it.
  • You need to remove all tweaks and themes from the device, including the Substitute.
  • If you made any changes with the help of Filza File Manager, etc., then they will need to be cancelled.
  • If you rollback with FutureRestore, DO NOT use this method.
  • On a PC or Mac, you need to install the Cyberduck program.
  • If you have a PC with Windows, install the PuTTY program.
  • Also, you need to download the Delectra script from here.


Step 1: Open Cyberduck and establish a connection to your device with iOS by clicking  Open connection.
Step 2: Select the type of SFTP connection and enter the IP device from which you want to remove the jailbreak. You can find it in the Wi-Fi section of your device's Settings.
Step 3: Enter the username "root" and the password "alpine", if you have not changed the default password before.
Step 4: Click Connect, and then click Allow.
Step 5: Drag the file to the Cyberduck window and confirm the move. After the completion of the process, you will not need the Cyberduck program.
Step 6: Now start PuTTY and re-enter the IP address of your device in the Host Name column, select SSH as the connection type. Click Open and select Yes from the pop-up windows.
Step 7: The SSH terminal will open, connected to your iOS device. Now you need to execute the command to remove the jailbreak.
Step 8: In the PuTTY window, enter "bash ./" and press Enter. The command will be executed.
Step 9: Follow the instructions in the window that will require you to press Enter. The device will need to enter the PIN at least once during the process.
Step 10: When the device restarts, jailbreak must be removed. After that, uninstall the Electra application.
Step 11: Go to Settings> General> Reset> Erase content and settings.

Step 12: Now you can download the latest available version of Electra 1.0.2 and install the tool again.
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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Emmanuel Akor

Jailbreak Electra RC1 with Cydia for iOS 11 will be released only for developers

Yesterday the release date of the long-awaited Cydia update for iOS 11 became known , which was very encouraging for many users.
Jailbreak Electra RC1 with Cydia for iOS 11 will be released only for developers
Unfortunately, later the developer coolstar wrote that the jailbreak Electra RC1 with Cydia for iOS 11 will be released only for developers.
He explained his decision this way:
The version of Electra RC1 will initially be available only for developers Publicly it will be released only when the third-party component files are updated.
So far, all the files from the saurik repository and many third-party Cydia files that depend on daemon do not work with iOS 11. Accordingly, the update will only be available to developers until we prepare all the tools.
Coolstar also appealed to jailbreak developers like Ryan Petrik - creator of popular Activator tweaks and others - to speed up this process. The decision to release Cydia only after all the files have been updated is correct. Otherwise, users will have too many problems with the tool. The release for developers will give them time to update their Tweaks.
Coolstar shared its progress by publishing screenshots of the files downloaded and installed via Cydia.
Nothing was said directly, but most likely, the Electra jailbreak with Cydia for iOS 11 will not be released on February 15, as expected. When this all the same happens, we will certainly let you know. Join Telegram-chat where we discuss everything connected with jailbreak.
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