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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Emmanuel Akor

How to take pictures of dogs on Google Pixel 2

How to take pictures of dogs on Google Pixel 2
In honor of the National Puppy Day (celebrated in the US on March 23), the editors of the official Google blog asked the photographer Emily Wang to share tips on how to photograph dogs on the flagship Pixel 2. This instruction, however, can also be used when shooting cats.
Open the photo gallery on your phone and see how many photos of dogs and cats are there. It does not matter whether it's about your animals or about the passer-by's pets, surely there are more than a dozen of such pictures. This is not surprising: the tail and ask in the frame.

But it's more difficult to photograph animals than static objects. Here are some tips on how to make great photos of dogs:

1. Catch unique moments in Smartburst mode

First, attract the attention of the dog. Use a toy-pshchalku, show a treat, call by name - for sure you already know what will work best on your pet. Then press and hold the shutter button (volume down button). The algorithm will capture the most cute and interesting expressions of a dog's face. Before doing this, remember to turn on the Smartburst:
  1. Open the Google Camera app.
  2. Click the Menu icon  Menu farther Settings .
  3. Select Burst Settings .
  4. Turn on Smartburst .

2. Catch a smile using portrait mode

Portrait mode is great for placing emphasis on your dog's smile - it works well on both the main and front cameras. If your dog knows how to bark at the command, you can use it to make her open her mouth, and take a picture of her at a time when she is smiling. There is another way to catch a happy dog face in the frame - to arrange a small jog or play together. An active dog is a happy dog and, most likely, it will give you a smile to your ears after a few minutes of play.

3. Work with exposure

Wool Kokoro, the dog Emily, completely white, so that she visually lost in overexposed photos. Fortunately, Pixel 2 has the function of fixing the exposure, so you can easily adjust the camera. In the preview window, touch the part on which you want to focus (in this case - on the dog). After that, slide the exposure slider on the right side of the screen until you are satisfied with the result. You can also lock these settings (an icon in the form of a lock above the slider) so that they do not get lost if the dog moves and the focus point changes. Do not forget to unlock the exposure when you're finished or want to move to another location for shooting!

4. The perspective matters

Lie down on the floor, turn the camera upside down - create an unusual design for the frame! You can turn on the grid to even out everything - especially when shooting in unstable poses, when it's hard to keep track of everything at once.

5. Forget the flash and shoot under natural light

The Pixel 2 camera catches light even when shooting in low light conditions. Of course, it's always easier to turn on the flash, but try to experiment first and try to use natural light and rely on the photosensitivity of the camera. It is often enough to move the camera only a few centimeters so that more light enters the frame and the scene looks much better;
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