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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Emmanuel Akor

Reviews of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus : a familiar design with new features

Earlier this month, Apple presented the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Pre-orders started at the end of last week, and in stores, phones will appear on September 22.

Just before the release of new models began to appear reviews about them. In general, all come to the conclusion that Apple has released another update line that will become obsolete in a year, but it will suit those who are already tired of their iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Or for those who are interested in an improved camera and a glass case with wireless charging support.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have a design first introduced with the iPhone 6, so these models do not have a futuristic frameless screen, like on the iPhone X.

A selection of reviews about the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus from different editions


"The fact is that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are very good impressive phones, but they are not the best even among Apple phonesiPhone represents the company's vision of the future, as well as the vision of SamsungEssentialHuawei and all the rest. In this future, there are no frames, and the cameras are so advanced that they can change the whole essence of smartphones. iPhone 8 contains everything you need a smartphone, but it is perceived as the completion of something before Apple and others are going to start something new. When your phone sees you and the world around, it changes what the phone is, what it can do and what it can become. This fall, Apple gives you a choice: fly a business class at the best places or economy.

If you want a good phone, iPhone 8 is right for you. I would recommend 8 Plus if you are not against large sizes because the improved camera and battery are very nice bonuses. Both models are fantastic. However, if you want to be part of the future, save your money and wait for the iPhone to come out. "

The Verge

 "After spending a week with the iPhone 8, I did not find any reason to buy it if you have an iPhone 7. The seventh is still very fast and looks just like the new model, only weighs less. Also, with the update of iOS11, it will receive almost all the features that are in the eighth. If you want to use wireless charging, then you can just buy a $ 15 bag that supports it. And if you are enthusiastic about the portrait light mode, it can be replaced by tons of applications in the App Store. Of course, if you have a model older than the iPhone 7, improving the camera and working in general may surprise you.

And still, many people will still buy an iPhone 8 - a phone that will work if your old one breaks down or starts to work worse. This is the base Apple phone, and for the base one, it's pretty good. But he has no place in the future. This is just a basic option.

It's the iPhone"



"Your pocket camera will get better. Once again. Apple always paid much attention to the quality of the camera, and the iPhone Plus was no exception. A new dual 12MP camera that can take pictures with stunning colors and details, as before, contains a wide-angle and telephoto lens. The iPhone Plus is a very serious camera.

I went to travel to San Francisco to capture a combination of urban architecture, landscapes, and natural beauty, and at the same time to test a new camera.

I sailed off the coast of San Francisco, fished in Ocean Beach, cycled along the island of Angel and walked on Chinatown. After 2,000 photos, I experienced all the possibilities of the new camera. I'm impressed. "

Business Insider


"New models of the iPhone 8 are considered expensive phones. But let this fantastic smartphone, they do not catch up with the iPhone the X.

I advise you to ask yourself how much money you are willing to spend. If you are willing to sacrifice some futuristic features of the iPhone X, then take the iPhone 8 and get the same powerful and high-quality work, only a couple of hundred dollars cheaper.



"When I first picked up the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, I immediately thought that they should be called the iPhone 7and Plus. I was wrong. They contained much more, but they just kept the old design. If you judge by filling, 8 and 8 Plus contain a significant improvement. They have more memory, better cameras, an improved system, and their work as usual at altitude. iPhone will continue to draw attention to itself, and in one I'm sure for sure: they are not as stylish as X, but 8 and 8 Plus are great phones that will not let you down. "

The Wall Street Journal

"The glass case can remind you of the iPhone 4 - one of the most legendary designs of Apple. But this is not enough. The reflective surface of the iPhone 7 made it pleasant to the touch - like pebbles polished with ocean waves. On the iPhone 8, there are joints of glass and aluminum frames, and they spoil the whole impression.It's impossible to deny that the phone looks obsolete compared to the bent glass like on the Samsung Galaxy 8, the screen of which goes beyond all limits. "

How to prepare your iPhone or iPad for iOS 11 release

Daring Fireball

"The new model - a decent annual update, they are at least as best iPhone 7 as he was better than iPhone 6, the S. If they did not present the iPhone with them, we would be impressed much more. They have a lot of good and nothing bad.

But the iPhone X was presented with them, and it attracted all the attention. To pretend that this is not so, there is no point.

However, the iPhone 8 should not be compared with the iPhone X, but the iPhone 7. iPhone has something to offer: a 5.8-inch OLED display, a convenient size, a Face ID and a front camera that recognizes the depth of the image. An improved main camera (with optical image stabilization at both lenses). But the A11 processor, inductive charging, and True Tone are also on the models of the iPhone 8.

Not bad for a boring yearly update. "



iPhone 8 is a simple and customary version of this year. It has almost all the functions of the iPhone X, not counting the TrueDepth camera and the OLED display. However, the appearance almost did not change. If you are accustomed to buying the best phone of each year, then you should wait for the iPhone the X.However, not counting the notch on display, in which the new camera and various sensors are hidden, the rest of the main updates you will find on the iPhone 8.

I thought a lot and believed that the iPhone could be called a super-version of the iPhone line. Now the iPhone 8 is still one of the best smartphones, especially when it comes to the camera.

iPhone has long been the most popular camera in the world, and there are reasons for this. It is because of the camera people are buying new models. Every year there are changes in the design with the system, but the camera dwarfs them. This year Apple impressed everyone with the portrait light mode, because of which I recommend buying 8 Plus. "

Many agreed that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are powerful smartphones with excellent cameras, and some believe that they are not worth buying if you have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. Most also believe that it's better to wait for the iPhone X to come out if you like more advanced technologies and its frameless design.
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