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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Emmanuel Akor

How to share files from iCloud Drive on iOS 11

On iOS, 11 old application iCloud Drive was replaced by a new application file. The files are returned to the old system of organization of documents on your device, as well as in storage like iCloud Drive, Dropbox and other application files are much better than iCloud Drive on iOS 10. One of its new features -. The ability to share files from iCloud Drive.

The function resembles Dropbox. You can quickly copy the link to the document or to open access to it to other people. They can add a file to my repository and change it, or simply download a copy to their device.

How to share documents iCloud Drive

Step 1: Open the attached file.

Step 2: In the section  Places, click the iCloud Drive.

Step 3: Find the document you want to share. Hold it until a menu appears with options. Or you can click "Select" at the top of the screen and mark multiple files.

tep 4: In the options, select Share.

Step 5: In the next menu click  Add people.

Step 6: Next, select the app you want to use. It is best to use the applications Mail or Messages.

Step 7: Let's say you select a message. Then you will need to enter the contact's name on the top line and press the "send" that he had received the document.

Apple released a set of dedicated instructions for iOS 11

How to configure file access

Step 1: Hold the document in the file, and click  Share.

Step 2: Now click  Add people.

Step 3: click on the window that opens, on the sharing options at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Here you can restrict changes to the document, and allow access only to invited you to people or anyone who has the link.

Settings can be changed for each of the invited people. In the Show section of people click on their name and go to settings.

How to share a link in a document

As in Dropbox, you can share the file using the link. But it's more complicated. You will first need to change the sharing settings.

Step 1: Hold the document in the File and select Share.

Step 2: Go to the  Sharing Settings.

Step 3: Check the box next to all who have the link.

Step 4: Return to the section  Add people, scroll to the end of the list and select Copy Link.

Now you can share the link with anyone. When they open it, they will get two options - to add a file to iCloud Drive or download a copy to your device.

How to remove people from the access to the file

Step 1: Hold the document, and select  Share.

Step 2: Click  Show people.

Step 3: Click on the name of the contact you want to restrict access.

Step 4: Click  Remove access.
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