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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Emmanuel Akor

What should I do if the iPhone X screen does not respond to touch?

What should I do if the iPhone X screen does not respond to touch?
In rare cases, the screen of the iPhone X can not stop responding to touching. Swapes and touches are either not read at all, or read with a delay.
Sometimes the screen of iPhone X completely freezes and does not react to any interaction with the device.
This happens rarely, but still quite unpleasant. Fortunately, this problem is a simple solution, so do not worry much.
First, make sure that the display of your iPhone X is clean, and it's not the protective glass that is installed incorrectly. Now you can proceed to the solutions described below.
What's the best way to solve the problem with the iPhone X's hovering screen? Old good forced reboot! A forced reboot should really help and return the screen to all functionality.

What to do if the iPhone screen does not respond

To force a restart of the iPhone X, follow the steps below:
  1. Press and release the volume up button.
  2. Press and release the volume down button.
  3. Hold down the side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen, it will happen in about 10 seconds.
  4. When the logo appears, release the side button and the device will boot as usual.
When iPhone X is turned on, the screen should work as it should. All touches should be read instantly.
Forced reboot is not the most advanced solution, but it works and runs very quickly. Perhaps this is even the best way.

Upgrade to iOS on iPhone X

After a forced reboot, you need to update iOS to the latest available version, if you have not already done so.
  1. Save your iPhone X backup using iCloud or iTunes.
  2. Go to Settings> General> Software Update.
  3. If you have an iOS update, download and install it as usual.
It's very important to update to the latest version of iOS, as various bugs can cause the screen to hang, which are regularly fixed in updates.

Why does the iPhone screen stop responding?

It is impossible to say exactly why this happens without any apparent reason. However, most likely, this is a systemic problem.
Some time ago, Apple released an update to iOS 11.1.2, in the postscript to which it was said the following: "Fixed a bug due to which the iPhone X screen temporarily does not respond to touching at low temperatures."
Users also often write that the screen of the iPhone X hangs in the cold. In such cases, the problem may be solved by installing the iOS update.
However, low temperatures are not the only reason, sometimes the screen of the iPhone X stops responding and in warm rooms. There have been cases when this happened even on devices with iOS 11.2.6.
Most likely, this is another iOS system problem or bug of some application. The device may not work properly if the load is too high. That's why everything is adjusted after the forced reboot.
Also worth noting is that the iPhone X is still a new model, so if the solutions above do not help you cope with the problem, you need to turn to Apple's support. The problem with the screen arose both with the model of the iPhone 6s, and with the iPhone 7. Most often it helps the usual forced reboot, system update or even recovery.
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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Emmanuel Akor

How to activate Siri on iPhone X

The new iPhone X supports the virtual assistant Siri, which can perform many voice commands and tasks. If you are accustomed to activate Siri, by clutching the Home button, you will have to learn a new way, because this button is not on the iPhone X.

How to activate Siri on iPhone X

Activate Siri on the iPhone X is as easy, the method just changed a little. A virtual assistant can be called up with a voice command or by holding down the side button.

Activate Siri side button

Hold the side button (on) of the iPhone X until you see the Siri screen with a small indicator at the bottom, and then release the button.

If you suddenly do not know the side button is on the right side of the iPhone X.

When Siri is activated, you can ask your question or ask to run the command. Examples of commands:

What is the weather like in Ryazan?
How much time is in Tokyo?
Remind me of meeting with Vasya at four o'clock.
What song is playing now?
Set the alarm at 7 am for each day.
How many meters in thirty kilometers?
What can you do?
Siri can execute hundreds of commands, and if you do not know which ones, just ask: "What can you do?"

The side button of the iPhone X has many uses. It is locked screen, a screenshot is made, Apple Pay is activated, a forced reboot is done, and the screen is activated.

Activating Siri with a voice command

In addition, Siri can be called by a voice command.

If you have the right settings, then do not do anything. Otherwise, go to Settings, and then Siri and Search. Then turn on the option to listen to " Hey, of Siri».

Now you can just say "Hi, Siri", and the helper is activated. However, this does not work if the smartphone is discharged or the power saving mode is enabled.
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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Emmanuel Akor

How much does the production of the iPhone X cost?

Those who think that Apple is just selling devices are mistaken. Those who think that the company has succeeded thanks to the brand is closer to the truth. The main reason for the success of the company is that, along with each of its devices, it sells emotions.
How much does the production of the iPhone X cost?

Recently, Apple presented the iPhone X with two main characteristics - face recognition and frameless display. The first of them is really innovative because only on the iPhone X it works with dignity. However, the second cannot be said. There are many smartphones with large screens without frames, and Apple joined the marathon with a little delay. But this did not stop the company from selling millions of new phones within the first few minutes. The iPhone X was sold out instantly. This is a paradox, because the smartphone costs as much as 999 or 1149 dollars for options with 64GB and 256GB of memory, respectively. Producers say that the high price is justified by the costs of manufacturing. So let's find out if this is so, and how much the company earns on every iPhone X.

According to Statista, the production of the iPhone X costs about $ 370. This is twice as expensive as the production of the iPhone 4S, which is considered one of the company's best phones. The cheapest model is the iPhone SE, its production costs only $ 160.


Well, production of the iPhone X really costs more than all other Apple phones. However, we made another table, which shows the difference between the price and the cost of production. Now we know how much the company earns on every iPhone.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Emmanuel Akor

How to take screenshots on iPhone X

You probably know that at any time you can capture the contents of your screen on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using the buttons "Sleep / Wake" and "Home".

But on the iPhone X button "Home" is no more, so the way to take screenshots on iPhone X had to be changed.

How to take screenshots on iPhone X

1)  Open what you want to capture the screenshot.

2)  Hold the side button  (which used to be called «Sleep / Wake») on the right side of the phone.

3)  Simultaneously, quickly press the volume buttonIt does not matter which of the volume buttons it will be.

A white flash will appear on the screen, indicating that the screenshot is done. It will appear in the lower left corner of the screen before it disappears.

Screenshots on iPhone X

TIP: Click on the preview of the screenshot to edit it and immediately share it with different applications and services.

iPhone X and iPhone 8 will support FLAC audio, like the iPhone 7 with iOS 11

To find your screenshots, go to the Photos app, click Albums and select the album Screenshots.
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